The Rise And Fall Of The Songwriter / The Fluffy Jackets 2024
Announcing Free New Album
New album available free of charge from new online store.
Announcing collaboration with Matt Bradford - LA Slide Guitarist (2024)
"The Well Is Dry" ft. Matt Bradford
Announcing single feat. noted LA based slide guitarist.
Announcing new distribution partner
New distributor: CD Baby!
The Fluffy Jackets with new digital distribution.
The Fluffy Jackets' final tribute to our producer and Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton.

New Single Announcement
A final tribute to our producer and Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton.



Concert for Manny
Neil Murray and Helge Rognstad to perform in Cordoba, Spain, 3. Feb. 2024.

Announcing New YouTube Artist Channel

New Official Artist Channel
The Fluffy Jackets rock on with New Official Artist Channel on YouTube.

The Fluffy Jackets unveils first EP from 2007

The Fluffy Jackets Unveils first EP
The very first Fluffy Jackets' recording (2007) is released after 16 years (2023).

The Fluffy Jackets announce new publishing deal

Announcing a worldwide publishing deal
The Fluffy Jackets signs agreement with TONO, the Collective Management Organisation (CMO).

Dan McCafferty dead at 76
Dan McCafferty dead at 76
AC/DC's Brian Johnson and Guns'N'Roses' Axl Rose lead tributes to the Nazareth singer.
Missing guitars found
Two guitars, found at a UPS warehouse (UK), are being returned to The Fluffy Jackets.
Rest in peace Manny Charlton
RIP Manny Charlton (1941-2022)
We are devastated to learn that our dear friend, producer and collaborator has died in Texas (USA) at the age of 80.
Manny Charlton talks about producing GNR
Charlton produced early versions of Welcome to the Jungle and November Rain at Sound City studios.
NRK P1 radio interview (in Norwegian)
The Fluffy Jackets' NRK interview with journalist Audun Kristiansen about the 80th birthday tribute to Manny Charlton.
"Telegram" among 8 best tracks this week
The single "Telegram" is in Classic Rock's "Tracks of the Week", starting 26 July 2021.
Norwegian Thunder
The Halloween Project and The Fluffy Jackets' tribute to Manny Charlton ft. Ronni Le Tekrø & Neil Murray.
Malcolm Dome's Fluffy interview
Malcolm Dome interviews The Fluffy Jackets in July 2019 (Classic Rock Magazine, issue #265).
Documentary episode information
Information about the documentary film released with Something from Nothing. (2019 album)
2019 media coverage
New album 'Something from Nothing' (Aug.2019) gains international coverage.
The Fluffy Jackets new single 'Everything must change' in Bring it back Home CD Classic Rock Magazine #265
New single debuts in Classic Rock CD
"Everything must change" selected for compilation CD "Bring it Home", released via Classic Rock Magazine #265.
The Fluffy Jackets enters Battle of the Bands Loudersound.com
New single enters Battle of the Bands
"Everything must change" appear in Loudersound.com's "Tracks of the Week" competition, 29 July 2019.
New single released
Watch the Fluffy Jackets' first music video
The Fluffy Jackets feat. Manny Charlton launch music video: "Everything must change".
Premiere: The Fluffy Jackets announce Movie Trailer
DMME.net first to announce movie trailer
DMME.net becomes first magazine to announce Something from Nothing, incl. a movie trailer.
The Fluffy Jackets announce new album "Something from Nothing"
The Fluffy Jackets are back with Manny Charlton
'Something from Nothing‘ includes a 2 hour documentary featuring Manny Charlton (Nazareth) and Neil Murray (Whitesnake).
Fluffy Jackets donate to Team Rock staff
Proceeds from the single “44 Blues” goes to Team Rock staff, after journalists are laid off before Christmas with no pay.
The Fluffy Jackets wins best album award
Fluffy Jackets wins Best Studio Album Award
The Fluffy Jackets has won the Best Studio Album of The Year Award, voted by listeners of The Blues Hour radio show.
Fighting Demons' reviews
Fighting Demons Album Reviews
Fighting Demons' was released worldwide last month, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from the press.
Emil: "My Secret Nazareth Audition"
Emil Gammeltoft, guest singer on the Fighting Demons album, has told of his audition as a lead vocalist for Nazareth.
The Fluffy Jackets on the radio
Fluffy Radio Airplay
Fighting Demons has notched up major airplay with Radio DJ's in USA, United Kingdom, France and Israel.
Sun Studio guitarist Roland Janes dead at 80
Our sincere condolences to friends and family of the legendary guitarist who passed away 18 October 2013.
Record Collector Interview
Joe Geesin caught up with Manny Charlton (Nazareth) and Neil Murray (Whitesnake) to talk about The Fluffy Jackets debut album.
Classic Rock interview - The Fluffy Jackets
Fluffy Jackets interview in Classic Rock Magazine
Geoff Barton's interview in connection with our first single "Why Don’t You Smile", recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis.
Fluffy Jackets in Classic Rock CD compilation
The Fluffy Jackets' first single is included on Classic Rock Magazine's CD Compilation "Sharp Shooters" (issue 194).
HMV stocks Fighting Demons CD
HMV, the specialist retailer of music, will be stocking The Fluffy Jackets' debut album in 50 of their largest UK stores.
The Fluffy Jackets announce debut album Fighting Demons 2014
The Fluffy Jackets announce debut
Recorded at Sun Studio, the album features guests Manny Charlton (Nazareth), Neil Murray (Whitesnake) & Robert Hall (Jerry Lee Lewis).
Announcing a 3 Year Record Deal
The Fluffy Jackets are very excited to sign a contract with Cargo Records, a major European music distributor.
Get Ready To Rock interview (from 2007)
The Fluffy Jackets launch their self-titled EP, feat. special guest Neil Murray (Whitesnake).


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