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Fluffy Jackets wins Best Studio Album Award

The Fluffy Jackets has won the Best Studio Album of The Year Award, voted by listeners of The Blues Hour radio show in the UK and France.

Award: Best Studio Album of 2014 The award was announced by Radio DJ Dr. Wart Hoover of SevernFM in recognition of “the marvellous debut album” Fighting Demons.

The Fluffy Jackets main man Helge Rognstad appeared on the radio show via a pre-recorded thank you speech, giving credits to the musicians who contributed to the album, including a special mention to producer / guitarist Manny Charlton "who gave me the confidence and belief that it was possible to fulfil my ambition of completing this album".

The Award Winners 2014 - full list:

Blues Sensation - Wilko Johnson (Going Back Home feat. Roger Daltrey)
Best Studio Album - The Fluffy Jackets (Fighting Demons)
Best Live Album - Howard & The White Boys (Rosa's Lounge)
Male Vocalist - Rosco Levee
Female Vocalist - Carrie Ann Carroll
Blues Hero - Silver Phil (Philip Guy Davis) from Famous Monday Blues
Blues Travellers - Blactop Blacktop Deluxe

Dr Wart Hoover announces the award for "Best Studio Album of the Year": The Fluffy Jackets' Fighting Demons (2014) 

The Fluffy Jackets award winners (L-R): Emil Gammeltoft, Nick Rhodes, Helge Rognstad, Jerry Bessent and West Weston.

It is worth mentioning that former Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson won the Blues Sensation award for his incredible comeback album featuring Roger Daltrey of The Who. The guitarist said he has been "cured" of the terminal pancreatic cancer with which he was diagnosed in 2012, after having had radical surgery to remove the tumour earlier this year.

Trivia Question: Apart from being award-winners, can you guess what the connection is between the Fluffy Jackets debut album & the Wilko / Daltrey comeback album?

Answer: Some eagle-eyed music aficionados may have noticed that both the Wilko/Daltrey album and the Fluffy Jackets albums employ the musical talents of one certain Steve “West” Weston, who is a harmonica player extraordinaire. West Weston features on The Fluffy Jackets album playing harp on the songs “Fighting Demons”, “Little Brother” and “Mean ol Frisco”.

Greeting from record label Cargo Records for winnint the best album of the year award - The Fluffy Jackets Fighting DemonsAbout The Blues Hour

The Blues Hour is one of the top blues radio shows in Europe, underpinned by DJ Wart Hoover's undying appetite to uncover exciting new blues music from around the world. He is one of the very few DJ's to look underneath the cracks in the cement for new talent. Wart Hoover was the first person to play The Mighty Mojos on air, a band which subsequently received the honor of "Best New Blues Band of 2013".

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You can listen again to the Blues Hour by visiting SevernFM. The Fluffy Jackets also feature on "The Blues Hour Extra" show. Visit: http://www.severnfm.com/

The shows will also be reapeated on the French radio station ZevoX: www.ZevoX.fr

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