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The Fluffy Jackets: Give Me Something (official music video)

16. August 2019: Something from Nothing CD + DVD available from Amazon

Watch The Fluffy Jackets' video premiere of “Give Me Something”, a new single from the upcoming Digipack (DVD+CD) release Something from Nothing.

Manny Charlton plays a National dobro guitar on The Fluffy Jackets' single 'Give me Something', available on the new album released as a Digipack (DVD+CD release) via Cargo Records.

The alternate version of the single "Give me something" was recorded at Madmento Studio in Cordoba Spain. Helge says: "at this point, the song was not complete, but I thought it sounded great, and I am glad we managed to include this video in the documentary".


The guitars used in the recording of "Give me Something"

"Give me Something" was recorded using an old National Dobro guitar, which Manny Charlton purchased in the 1970's:

This Dobro guitar can be heard on 'Close Enough for Rock 'n' Roll', the 1976 album from the Scottish hard rock giants Nazareth, as Manny Charlton used the same guitar to record the instrumental called "Vicky".

Manny Charlton can also be seen playing a Hofner lap steel on the solo part while Helge is using a Gibson Les Paul guitar (custom shop, 1960 reissue):

This Hofner lap steel guitar features in the "Give me Someting" music video, available on the new 'Something from Nothing' DVD. This slide-guitar is from the 1950’s and was given to Manny from his Nazareth band-mates Pete Agnew and Dan McCafferty.

Helge plays the solo on the song "Give me Something" on a Gibson Les Paul 1960 reissue guitar (Custom Shop model) kindly lent by producer Manny Charlton. The music video is available on the new DVD documentary film, available via Cargo Records.

Amplification used
The dobro was recorded in front of a microphone to pick up the sound (not plugged in), and the lap steel was recorded through a 100-watt Marshall JCM 900 head and 4 x speaker cabinet. The Marshall amplifier was kindly provided by Vicente Del Rio from Spanish rock band AGO (thank you!!).

Much of The Fluffy Jackets' new album was recorded through this Marshall 100 watt stack, graciously provided by Vicente Del Rio from Spanish rock band AGO.

The Fluffy Jackets feat. Manny Charlton - Something from Nothing

The nine new tracks on Something from Nothing are “all killer, no filler”, as the saying goes. Five originals and four covers make up this album, showcasing a tribute to Glen Campbell’s “Better Place” (featuring Alison Cooper) and a brand new single “Give me Something”. The accompanying documentary highlights The Fluffy Jackets history along with exclusive interviews, live performances and four new music videos. Something from Nothing is available as a limited-edition Digipack (CD & DVD release) via Cargo Records. The album will also be available on all digital outlets including iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music and Amazon.

The track listing is as follows:

Disc 1: The Album (CD):

  1. The Fluffy Jackets Something From Nothing album coverBetter place (duet with Alison Cooper)
  2. Give me something
  3. Everything must change
  4. John the revelator
  5. Welcome to the shoot-them-up
  6. Tongues wag
  7. Wrong before
  8. Heaven only knows
  9. 44 blues

Disc 2: The Documentary (DVD):

  1. “Something from Nothing” movie trailer
  2. The start of The Fluffy Jackets
  3. Hey Porter (music video)
  4. The first releases: “2007 EP” & “Fighting Demons”
  5. Creating “Something from Nothing” at Madmento Studio, Spain.
  6. Everything must change (music video: Alternate Radio Edit)
  7. Manny’s Dobro used on 'Vicky' & 'Give me Something'
  8. Give me something (music video: Alternate Radio Edit)
  9. The left of the rack: studio equipment
  10. Manny Charlton’s guitars
  11. Manny’s pedal show
  12. Helge’s guitars
  13. Gibson Flying V featurette
  14. Helge’s pedals and amplifiers
  15. Manny Charlton (Nazareth) interview, pt. 1
  16. Manny Charlton (Nazareth) interview, pt. 2
  17. Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Snakecharmer) interview
  18. Manny & ‘The Big 3’ (Les Paul, Stratocaster & Telecaster guitars)
  19. Let’s do it again (outtakes)
  20. Better Place: Credits (music video feat. Alison Cooper)

Digital Release with Bonus tracks

The iTunes release include two bonus tracks: a cover of Johnny Cash's "Hey Porter" and a radio edit of "Everything Must Change".

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The Fluffy Jackets first appeared on the London scene with a self-titled EP in 2007, but it was not until 2014 that they made a dent in the charts with the debut album «Fighting Demons». Recorded at the legendary Sun Studio by multiple Grammy Award winning engineer Matt Ross-Spang, the outing won the Blues Hour’s «Best Studio Album of the Year» award and also earned the band their first international hit in «Why Don’t You Smile». The slow blues was made particularly memorable for featuring a sizzling guitar solo from Nazareth guitar legend Manny Charlton, backed up by bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake) and Jerry Lee Lewis‘ drummer Rob Hall (The Killer Band). The band has just completed the anticipated follow-up. Released by Cargo Records UK, “Something from Nothing” will be available as a limited Digipack consisting of a nine track CD album and a two-hour DVD documentary film.


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