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The Halloween Project & Fluffy Jackets in Tracks of the Week competition

Louder picks The Halloween Project & The Fluffy Jackets feat. Ronni Le Tekrø for major competition.

In the midst of the 2021 Olympics, enjoy these Eight Olympian efforts from eight thoroughly trained rock'n'roll contenders featuring "TELEGRAM" by the Halloween Project, The Fluffy Jackets and Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT). You can vote HERE (ends 2 Aug. 2021).


July 26, 2021


"Anyone watching the Olympics? Us neither. And why would you, when our weekly roundup of the best new rock'n'roll features all the competition you might possibly need, and there's no drug testing?" - With these words, Classic Rock Magazine kicked of their weekly "Best-of" new tracks competition, and we herewith ask for your help to vote for us by CLICKING HERE - simply scroll to the bottom, click "vote" (no registration neccessary).


Beating Joe Bonamassa?
The Halloween Project, The Fluffy Jackets feat. Ronni Le Tekrø - took an early lead, but can we win? Click HERE to vote (competition ends 2 August 2021)


Please register your vote today (competition ends 2 August).


Telegram review, courtesy of Fraser Lewry, Classic Rock Magazine:
"Telegram is a cover of the Nazareth song, originally recorded for the band's 1976 album Close Enough For Rock 'N' Roll. This version has been recorded to celebrate the 80th birthday of Nazareth founder Manny Charlton by a plethora of musician including Norwegian rockers The Halloween Project, London's very own The Fluffy Jackets (whose debut album Fighting Demons featured Charlton), plus former Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray and TNT's Ronni Le Tekrø. If the song were a Venn diagram it'd be all over the place, but it isn't. Instead, it's a convincing take on a song that should probably be wheeled out more often."


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