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Interview at NRK P1 radio (in Norwegian)

Intervju med The Fluffy Jackets NRK P1

Audun Kristiansen, journalist at NRK in Norway recently interviewed The Halloween Project and The Fluffy Jackets about their combined 80th Birthday tribute to Manny Charlton (Nazareth).

26 August 2021, updated 1 Sept. 2021.

This radio interview with Audun Kristiansen is available in the Norwegian language and was first aired on the 26 August 2021 (local news) and then aired again on the 31 August 2021 (national news).

The interview includes the story on how the two bands met, and a nice reference to a Nazareth concert in Hamar in 1985. The broadcasts also feature Nazareth's record-breaking #1 single "Love Hurts" and the recent "Telegram" cover, recorded specifically as a tribute to Manny Charlton at Studio Studio Nyhagen, Bøverbru ft. Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT) with overdubs at The Fluffy Jackets' Sound Studio, Bergen.

In Norwegian:
Tusen takk til Audun Kristiansen og NRK Innlandet for dette flotte innslaget med The Halloween Project & The Fluffy Jackets. For de som ikke fikk med seg intervjuet på NRK P1, hør hele saken her:

Click HERE to listen: NRK P1+ National airwaves, Norway (appears 01:34:04 into the show):

Click HERE to listen: NRK P1 innlandet (local news) - appears 2:34:00 into the show:

NRK Radio Intervju P1 The Fluffy Jackets The Halloween Project Odd Gunnar Nergård Audun Kristiansen

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