Brian Johnson and Axl Rose pay tribute to Dan McCafferty.

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World of rock pay tribute to Dan McCafferty (Nazareth)

AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson and Guns'N'Roses' Axl Rose lead tributes to the late Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty.

6. Dec. 2022


It was really sad to read that Dan McCafferty passed away 8 November 2022, aged 76 years old. He was the suberbly talented lead singer for Nazareth, and we would like to send our deepest symphathies and condolences to his family, friends and fellow Nazareth fans everywhere. It is sadly poignant for the fans, as original Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton also passed earlier this year (5 July 2022).


We are just fan-boys looking up to our big heroes. Which is why it is especially heart-warming to see some of rock music's greatest vocalists paying tribute to Dan McCafferty, the late Nazareth front-man.


Somehow, it is especially nice to see that Axl and Brian are both paying tribute, as you can hear the "Dan McCafferty" influence in their singing. There has always been a source of hot debate on rock discussion forums about this; but thanks to excellent journalism at Classic Rock Magaine, we can now find out that both Axl and Brian appreciated Dan's amazing vocal talent and skills. It is great to see these rock giants pay tributes where it is due.


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