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The Fluffy Jackets announce a worldwide publishing deal with TONO (CMO)


The Fluffy Jackets has signed a worldwide agreement with TONO, the Collective Management Organisation (CMO) based in Norway.


(Bergen, Norway, September 2023). Following the agreement with TONO, all original compositions recorded by The Fluffy Jackets have been officially published for the first time. This means that TONO can collect all performance (songwriting) royalties and mechanical royalties on behalf of The Fluffy Jackets worldwide.


TONO has assigned each original Fluffy Jackets song with one unique 11-character alphanumeric code (International Standard Musical Work Code - ISWC) which is cataloging all the individual compositions. The individual ISWC codes are used to track the song title, songwriter(s), music publisher(s), and corresponding ownership shares.


Furthermore; Helge Rognstad, the songwriter behind the The Fluffy Jackets' original output, has been issued with a corresponding unique IPI code, confirming his role as a published songwriter / composer / lyricist.


Helge comments: "I am very happy to become an affiliate member of TONO as a songwriter, lyricist and performer. TONO has a long history of managing financial entitlements in connection with public performances and sound recordings, and I am confident that they will professionally manage the publishing side on behalf of The Fluffy Jackets both today and in the future.


In addition to collecting 100% of the publishing rights ("fremførelse" in Norwegian), the affiliate membership with TONO means that The Fluffy Jackets will obtain 100% of the mechanical copyrights ("lydfesting" in Norwegian) of recordings used (for example, on CD, film, digital media). The mechanical copyrights will be managed by NCB, the membership organisation made up of the Nordic performing rights societies (Koda in Denmark, STEF in Iceland, STIM in Sweden, Teosto in Finland and TONO in Norway).


The Fluffy Jackets' back catalogue - updated with new songwriting credits (IPI and ISWC codes)

Along with this announcement, The Fluffy Jackets has published their full back catalogue with the updated official songwriting credits, including IPI codes and associated ISWC codes obtained from TONO. The data now includes comprehensive album credits all contributors and also include unique UPC, EAN, ISWC, ISRC and IPI codes.


Album credits (per September 2023)

A partial list of the associated song credits (for albums released to date) can be seen by clicking directly on the links below, where ISWC and IPI codes have been recently updated:


Something from Nothing (2019) credits


Fighting Demons (2014) credits


For a full and complete list of both singles and albums released by The Fluffy Jackdets, please visit the Music page located at - We will keep the Music page up to date for all upcoming releases.


More information available (Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ)


Where can I find out more about The Fluffy Jackets performance- and album credits?
The Fluffy Jackets actively seek to promote the songwriters, publishers, performing musicians, engineers, producers, mixers and mastering engineers who have been involved with our releases. We realise this is not easy to get hold of on online streaming services. This is why we make a point of publishing very detailed album credit information (incl. publishers, performers, contributors, UPC, ISRC, ISWC, IPI codes) on our Music page. In addition, if you purchase our physical output, you will also find the relevant information there (LP, CD, DVD, etc).


Who owns the original songs; The Fluffy Jackets song catalogue?
The Fluffy Jackets catalogue and master recordings are still owned by Helge Rognstad. Both Publishing and Mechanical Copyright is registered with TONO, the Norwegian CMO organisation, who collect royalties on our behalf. The original master recordings are owned by The Fluffy Jackets (Helge Rognstad). Visit our Music page for detailed information about songwriting credits or associated IPI, ISWC, ISRC codes. You can also obtain songwriting credits and associeated information by writing to us via this webpage.


What should I do if I want to record a Cover-version of a Fluffy Jackets song, written by Helge Rognstad?
First, the good news is that you do not need written approvals from us. All we ask is that you clearly mark the songwriter name on your credits if you release your song online (IE: when you upload your music to your distributor, or when you release your cover version on a webpage or Internet Service Provider - ISP). When you do this, make sure that you spell the songwriter's name correctly, as it will help our partners collect the royalties. Since Helge Rognstad is a published songwriter (lyricist, composer) - if you are planning to print up physical copies (CDs, DVDs or LPs etc) then you need to pay the mechanical copyright to the songwriter via your PRO or CMO organisation as TONO will have a reciprocural agreement via our mechanical collection society (NCB). You can find all song credits on our Music page (including songwriters, publishers, performers, contributors, UPC, ISRC, ISWC, IPI codes). We are also very grateful if you send us an email with a link to the song once released, as it is always nice to hear a new version of one of our songs.


Can I play The Fluffy Jackets on my Radio station?
Yes, you can play our music on the radio (as per standard procedure) and you do not have to ask our permission for that. Note that The Fluffy Jackets is an affiliate member of GRAMO who collects royalties for public broadcasts of our master recordings.


Can I use The Fluffy Jackets music in my YouTube video?
Yes, but when you post your video to YouTube, a Copyright Claim may be made on your video via our music distributor. In effect, this means that you can freely use one of our songs in your YouTube video, but you will not be able to monetize the video (money from the resulting adverts will be collected by our music distributor).


Can I use The Fluffy Jackets music in my commercial film or project?
Please contact the band on this website if your film or project is of a commercial or political nature, and we can agree terms.


What if I want to use a sample of an existing song by The Fluffy Jackets in my new song / or project?
In addition to following the songwriting procedure above, then we must also agree the %-wise split of the performance credits (IE agree the copyright split to the new song as well as the appropriate songwriting credit). For this to happen and be correctly registered, you need to contact The Fluffy Jackets via this website so that we can agree this between us. If you want to know more about song credits on our releases, remember to check out our Music page (contains songwriters, publishers, performers, contributors, UPC, ISRC, ISWC, IPI codes).


Who owns The Fluffy Jackets album artworks (image rights)?
All album artworks are owned by Helge Rognstad: The artwork "Fighting Demons" (2014) was painted by Parichat Meknamee; the painting was ordered / commissioned by Helge Rognstad who retains all image rights. The artwork used on the "Something from Nothing" (2019) album is a digital artwork called "The Garbage Collector", created by the artist Anton Semenov; the image right was subsequently aquired by Helge Rognstad on the 8 March 2018 who owns the image rights.


Where do I find high resolution photos of The Fluffy Jackets, including logo and album covers?
Please visit the Press Room for high resolution artwork, photos, album covers, latest press and promotional video. You can also download the original release information for each release via our music page, including artwork, PR and credit information.


Can I use all photos that I find on this website free of charge?
Yes; all photos, album covers and images (including high-resolution versions on our Press Room) can be used FREE of charge if the following credit is provided: "Image courtesy of The Fluffy Jackets".



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