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The Fluffy Jackets rock on with New Official Artist Channel on YouTube

(London UK - Bergen Norway, 5 Jan. 2024) — The Fluffy Jackets are thrilled to announce the launch of their Official Artist Channel on YouTube. This new channel, adorned with the signature music note symbol from YouTube, serves as a dedicated hub for fans to immerse themselves in The Fluffy Jackets' entire musical universe.

"We're beyond excited about our Official Artist Channel on YouTube. It's a space where we can bring our fans closer to our music, stories, and creative process," says Helge Rognstad, lead guitarist and founding member of The Fluffy Jackets.

This milestone not only amplifies the band's online presence but also offers a unique opportunity for fans to engage with exclusive content, live performances, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of making music.

The new YouTube location combines all of The Fluffy Jackets content into one channel, including the official audio releases as well as new music videos. From the 2019 music documentary "Something from Nothing", already released music, and all upcoming releases, fans can now experience the band's journey in one seamless destination.

Fans are encouraged to visit The Fluffy Jackets'Official Artist Channel today to subsribe to upcoming FREE content.

NEW Premiere: Subscribe to watch The Fluffy Jackets' first Official YouTube Artist Video
To celebrate the launch of the Official Artist Page on YouTube, The Fluffy Jackets are unveiling a brand new music video for "Salty Salty" from their first EP recorded with special guest Neil Murray (Whitesnake / Black Sabbath). This exclusive footage, shot a decade after the original recording session at The Cowshed, features the band's original lineup: Helge Rognstad on guitars/vocals, Ian Robinson on drums, and Jerry Bessent on bass. Offering a rare glimpse into the recording process, the video presents never-before-seen content, providing fans with a unique behind-the-scenes look at the band's very first EP release. The premiere is set for December 1st, 2023. Stay tuned for a journey through The Fluffy Jackets' sonic tapestry and make sure you hit the SUBSCRIBE button to get notified of exciting upcoming content today at the The Fluffy Jackets' Official Artist Channel.

About YouTube Official Artist Channels
Official Artist Channel are recognized by YouTube by the by a music note symbol, where the official artist releases (albums and singles) are also automatically released. It is a way for bands to have a unified presence on the platform, designed to make it easier for fans to find and enjoy the full body of an artist's work. It also helps artists to have more control and customization over their channel.

About The Fluffy Jackets
The Fluffy Jackets are energetic blues rockers who deliver a sound that draws from the early days of blues, Americana and classic bands like Bad Company. Formed in 2006, they issued their debut album Fighting Demons in 2014, an outing that was recorded at the legendary Sun Studio. Their sophomore album, "Something from Nothing" from 2019, is notable for featuring the original Nazareth gutiarist Manny Charlton.

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