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The Fluffy Jackets unveils single in tribute to late Nazareth Guitarist Manny Charlton

(London/ UK, Bergen/ Norway, 20 Nov. 2023) - The Fluffy Jackets are set to release a new single that pays homage to their late producer and Nazareth guitarist, Manny Charlton.

The song, which Charlton had expressed a desire for The Fluffy Jackets to record before his passing, serves as a testament to the profound impact Charlton had on the band.

Manny Charlton, the founding Nazareth guitarist and producer, was instrumental in shaping The Fluffy Jackets' sound, as well as imparting his vast musical knowledge and mentorship over several years. He played guitar and co-produced four songs on their debut album "Fighting Demons" (2014) which was recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis TN along with bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake) and the Grammy-award winning engineer Matt Ross Spang.

Charlton subsequently took on the full producer role on the 2019 follow-up "Something from Nothing" and was working on a third Fluffy Jackets album at the time of his passing.

The Fluffy Jackets' front man Helge Rognstad, who sings and plays guitar on the new single, shared his sentiments about the upcoming release in a video posted on The Fluffy Jackets' YouTube channel: "This single is a labor of love and a tribute to our dear friend and mentor. It is our way of honoring his memory."

L-R: Helge Rognstad (The Fluffy Jackets) and his mentor / producer Manny Charlton pictured at Sun Studio, Oct. 2011.

The Fluffy Jackets' final journey with legendary producer Manny Charlton
The Fluffy Jackets had started planning their third album with Manny Charlton in March 2022, just a few months prior to Manny's passing in July 2022. Charlton suggested that The Fluffy Jackets should include "Goodbye" in their upcoming album, leading to the creation of a demo at Charlton's Madmento Studio in Cordoba.

The Fluffy Jackets singer Helge explains: "As we sat around his studio, Manny played me this track called "Goodbye" which is a truly wonderful song. He said it would be a perfect for The Fluffy Jackets, and we recorded a very rudimentary demo of it on the spot."

"However, I ended up focusing on writing new material afterwards, rather than finishing "goodbye". So, we never got a chance to complete the song together."

"Losing Manny was absolutely heartbreaking. So, after that happened, it gradually dawned on me that The Fluffy Jackets should fulfil his last wish. So, this single is a labor of love and a tribute to our dear friend and mentor. It is our way of honoring his memory."

New single recorded in Norway, Scotland and Croatia

On the single, The Fluffy Jackets is joined by one of Croatia's top professional drummers; Matija Bajtal, who is appearing with The Fluffy Jackets for the very first time.

Bassist Neil Murray, the founding member of Whitesnake, is also joining the for the release, having been a consistent contributor to The Fluffy Jackets' albums to date.

The song has been completed by legendary mastering engineer Tim Turan in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Exclusive YouTube Premiere set for 5 January 2024
In the UK, "Goodbye" will receive its first premiere on YouTube at 14:00 GMT on Friday 5th of January.

subscribe to The Fluffy Jackets youtube account
Fans are encouraged to subscribe now at The Fluffy Jackets' YouTube Channel to listen to the single which has a premiere on the 5th of January 2024, two weeks before it will arrive on streaming services Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music on the 19th of January 2024.

Manny Charlton Tribute concert announced
In a separate announcement, The Fluffy Jackets' lead singer Helge Rognstad along with bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake) has been added to a special artist line-up that will take part in a tribute concert in honor of Manny Charlton.

The concert will take place on the 3rd of February 2024 at the Ambigu Axequia Arena - Cordoba, Spain. Doors open at 21:30h. Ticket information will be made available on The Fluffy Jackets official website and affiliated platforms.

The concert is initiated by The Manny Charlton Band - MCB - in Spain who are inviting friends and fans to join in this event celebrating the legacy of Manny Charlton. Several guest artists have already been added to the program, including Scott McLain, Tracey Lamb (Girlschool), Emil Gammeltoft (SKoR), Neil Murray (Whitesnake) and Helge Rognstad (The Fluffy Jackets).

High-resolution photos available (suitable for print)
The Fluffy Jackets have posted new high-resolution images in their Electronic Press Kit, along with an updated band biography. You can also click the thumbnails below to download the high-resolution images. A suggested caption is provided underneath each photo.

The Fluffy Jackets' vocalist
and guitarist Helge Rognstad
announces new single and album in 2024.

Matija Bajtal joins The Fluffy Jackets as a
special guest on the single release.

Bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake)
appears on The Fluffy Jackets' single release.


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The Fluffy Jackets' new single "Goodbye"
will be released in 2024.

The Fluffy Jackets' lead singer / guitarist Helge Rognstad and bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake) will be performing at the "Concert for Manny" on the 3rd of February 2024 in Cordoba Spain.


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