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The Fluffy Jackets announce CD Baby distribution partner

CD Baby - The Fluffy Jackets migrate their back catalogue to new distributor

(1 March. 2024) — Award-winning blues rock band The Fluffy Jackets have signed a new digital distribution agreement with the US-based distributor CD Baby. Their entire back catalogue has been migrated to the new distributor.

Says The Fluffy Jackets lead singer Helge Rognstad: "With the ease of managing streaming and downloads directly these days, there's no fuss behind our decision—just a desire to sync up with the ever-evolving music industry. Updating song credits across all digital platforms was already on our agenda, so transitioning to an online distributor was a natural step forward for us. We chose CD Baby because they share our vision of supporting artists without burdening them with unnecessary recurring fees."

The decision to switch to a digital distribution means that The Fluffy Jackets gain full control over their digital distribution without any label control. The process of managing their digital music will be simplified, which means that The Fluffy Jackets can adapt and update quickly across all platforms seamlessly going forward. Moreover, the new agreement will enable The Fluffy Jackets' to be automatically paid for monetisation from YouTube and other digital platforms, whilst continuing to collect original song royalties via the CMO organisation TONO.

Fluffy Advice: How to Migrate Digital Music to a New Distributor

When facing the task of migrating digital music to a new distributor, maintaining existing track counts on platforms like Spotify and preserving placement on playlists becomes paramount. Here's a guide based on The Fluffy Jackets' experience:

  1. Maintain Consistency: Ensure that albums are uploaded to the new distributor with identical metadata and sound files, including ISRC, UPC, EAN, playing times, and names. For this purpose, keep in mind that you need to have a pre-defined database of your releases, licensing codes, music and artwork files. (we keep ours available on our music releases "albums" webpage).

  2. Allow for Adjustment Time: After uploading, allow for approximately 5 days before proceeding further. This time period helps prevent song and album overlap, which could lead to duplicate listings.

  3. Verify Track Linking: Check the artist page on Spotify to confirm that albums appear only once. Duplicate listings indicate an issue with track linking that needs to be addressed (online submission need to be altered, or taken down and re-uploaded.

  4. Finalize Migration: Once track linking is successful, initiate the takedown process with the old distributor to complete the migration seamlessly.

By following these steps, artists can ensure a smooth transition to a new distributor while safeguarding their digital music presence and playlist placements.

About The Fluffy Jackets
The Fluffy Jackets are energetic blues rockers who deliver a sound that draws from the early days of blues, Americana and classic bands like Bad Company. Formed in 2006, they issued their debut album Fighting Demons in 2014, an outing that was recorded at the legendary Sun Studio. Their sophomore album, "Something from Nothing" was released in 2019.

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