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For release: 15 March 2024:

The Fluffy Jackets' Unleash New Single "The Well Is Dry" Featuring Collaboration with LA Slide Guitarist Matt Bradford

The Fluffy Jackets feat. Matt Bradford - "The Well Is Dry" 2024 single

Brace yourselves for an electrifying sonic journey as The Fluffy Jackets drop their latest single, "The Well Is Dry," accompanied by a YouTube video showcasing a collaboration with the illustrious LA slide guitarist Matt Bradford.

London UK, Los Angeles USA, Bergen Norway - 15 March 2024,

Comprising The Fluffy Jackets’ frontman Helge Rognstad, noted slide guitarist Matt Bradford and long-term collaborator Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Brian May, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore), "The Well Is Dry" stands as a testament to The Fluffy Jackets' commitment to combining blues-rock with evocative storytelling.

"The Well Is Dry" is the second single from their upcoming album "The Rise And Fall of the Songwriter," scheduled for release on May 17, 2024.

Helge Rognstad - The Fluffy Jackets (2024)
"The Well Is Dry" is a product of The Fluffy Jackets’ frontman Helge Rognstad's songwriting and production efforts.

Matt Bradfords plays Fuzz Slide Guitar on The Fluffy Jackets' single "The Well Is Dry" (2024)
On the track, Rognstad's poignant lyrics are fueled by Matt Bradford's evocative slide guitar wizardry.

Neil Murray - The Fluffy Jackets
The Fluffy Jackets' long-term collaborator Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Brian May, Gary Moore) plays bass on the new single.

Westpoint Studios (London): owner and engineer Shane Shanahan (image can be used if the following credit is displayed: "Image provided by courtesy from The Fluffy Jackets" (2024)Recorded at The Fluffy Jackets Sound Studio in Bergen, Norway, the single underwent additional overdubs in Los Angeles and at Westpoint Studios, London, UK, under the guidance of owner and engineer Shane Shanahan.

Exclusive YouTube Premiere
YouTube - The Well Is Dry
In the YouTube video, viewers are granted an intimate - but short - glimpse into the creative process: The video is bare except the visuals comprising of the single cover, but with a surprise inclusion in the middle, where viewers can get a glimpse of Matt Bradford recording the slide guitar solo in Los Angeles.


In the UK, "The Well Is Dry" will receive its first premiere on YouTube at 12:00 GMT on Friday 15th of March. Fans are encouraged to subscribe now at The Fluffy Jackets' YouTube Channel to listen to the single, one month before it will arrive on streaming services Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music on the 15th of April 2024

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The Fluffy Jackets - The Well Is Dry (2024)
The Fluffy Jackets "The Well is Dry"
single artwork.


Matt Bradfords performs with The Fluffy Jackets on the tracks "The Well Is Dry" and "I Think Too Much" (2024)
Matt Bradford plays Fuzz Slide Guitar on The Fluffy Jackets' single "The Well is Dry" 2024.

Helge Rognstad - The Fluffy Jackets
The Fluffy Jackets' vocalist
and guitarist Helge Rognstad
announces new single and album in 2024.

Neil Murray
Bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake)
appears on The Fluffy Jackets' single "The Well Is Dry" 2024.


About The Fluffy Jackets: www.fluffyjackets.co.uk
The Fluffy Jackets are a genre-defying powerhouse, known for their unique blend of blues, rock, country and soul. Helmed by singer/guitarist Helge Rognstad and bolstered by an ensemble of seasoned musicians, they have gained recognition for their evocative songwriting and will release their third album on the 17th of May 2024.

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