The Fluffy Jackets - Award winning melodic blues rock


Robert Hall, drums

Robert started playing the drums in 1965 and has played in a number of Memphis-bands through the years. His biggest regret is to have turned Elvis Presley down when offered to visit Graceland for a late-night jamming session, instead favoring to follow a “hot lady” home. Those were the days!

Today, Robert Hall is most known for being the drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis (from 1994 up until to the present day).

Aside from being an excellent drummer in his own right, Robert has been a drumming tech for a number of household-name bands such as The Fabulous Thunderbirds and The Allman Brothers Band. He has also had the pleasure to work with his drumming peers in the studio, like Ringo Starr (The Beatles), Kenny Aronoff (drummer with Creedence and Chickenfoot feat. Sammy Hagar), Russ Kunkel and Sly Dunbar. He fondly remembers working with Jim Keltner who is his own personal favorite drummer.

Not only that, but whenever a music documentary or film is made in Hollywood, like the Walk The Line biopic of the life of the late Sun recording artist Johnny Cash, they tend to call up the “music historian” Robert Hall to get his advice, and perhaps to borrow one of his many drum-sets which will have the suitable accessories to represent the right time-period.

Robert has also worked as a specialist drum consultant for several music stores in Memphis over the years. He started his own Memphis Drum Shop in 1987. Today, he can be found in the Guitar Center Shop in Memphis where he is the highly respected Drum Department Manager. It is THE place to go if you need some kickin’ equipment.

Aside from being a fantastic musician, Robert Hall is a cool cat, and a highly likable rock’n’roller. He helped The Fluffy Jackets a lot in Memphis and made the whole recording a fantastic experience for everyone. Thanks to Robert’s southern hospitality we also got to taste some real good Southern BBQ and got to hang out at the coolest rehearsal room / house we have ever been in.

It was such a pleasure to play with Robert Hall, and we are thrilled that he can be heard on The Fluffy Jackets debut album.


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