The Fluffy Jackets - Award winning melodic blues rock


Steve "West" Weston, harmonica

By general consensus among blues aficionados, West Weston has got a pretty solid claim to being UK’s top harmonica man. And you don’t have to take our word for it – the blues magazine reviewer Julien D’Imperio recently noted “His tone is extraordinary, as is his taste and style, and within his chosen field he’s right up there with anyone in the world today”.

We could not agree more; when he did the harmonica solo for the title-cut on the Fluffy Jackets’ album, he had everyone’s jaws on the floor. And that included Joe Leach, the owner of the studio, who must have seen thousands of musicians in that room.

West Weston plays harmonica on four tracks on the Fluffy Jackets album, and can also be heard singing on the duet “Mean Ol Frisco” and backing vocals on “Little Brother”.

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