The Fluffy Jackets - Award winning melodic blues rock


Nick Rhodes, drums

Nick Rhodes’ drumming first gained attention in the seventies art school scene. He lead the Drum Culture Project – a three drummer, and saxophone performance piece, and was member of Winchester’s jazz-punk refuseniks - Rockin’ Burne-Jones & the Pre-Raphaelites, and latterly - Remarkable Family. Remarkable Family decamped to London in the early eighties to pursue various artistic and commercial projects.

On his return to London, Nick joined Michael Moran and Lance Jowers in the electro-pop three-piece, 5TA. The band recorded for Arista Records, made TV appearances and toured the UK until their split in 1990.

In 2012, Nick joined The Fluffy Jackets as they were about to start recording for the debut album Fighting Demons.

Instruments used on The Fluffy Jackets - Fighting Demons release
Nick played a mixture of vintage instruments on the recording sessions at the Cowshed Studio (North London) on the Fighting Demons album. One drum set was his 70s Rogers set, which includes a 15” Dynasonic wooden snare, Autotune drums, and prototype Paiste cymbals lent to him by the Danish drum hero, Alex Riel.

We are very pleased with the sound of Nick's drumming on the Fighting Demons recording. -As a matter of fact, upon hearing the drum sound on the Manny Charlton-penned tune "Can't Stop the Rain", our mastering engineer + drummer Tim Turan (at Turan Audio), said "what a great sound. You do not hear drums like that on records anymore"... which is just great feedback to hear. Drummers & tech-heads will also be interested to know that no digital edits was done to Nick's drums from the Cowshed sessions - so the drums you hear on the record is exactly how it sounded in the studio when he played it. Which is nice.

Something from Nothing - the album and documentary film from The Fluffy Jackets (2019)
Nick was back on the drum-stool for The Fluffy Jackets 2019 release "Something from Nothing", playing drums on the first single 44 Blues and other tracks recorded at Madmento Studio in Cordoba, Spain. Nick also appears in music videos and in the accompanying documentary film.

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