The Fluffy Jackets - Award winning melodic blues rock


Jerry Bessent, Bass guitar

Jerry learned how to play the upright double bass at school, but moved to electric bass not long thereafter. The progression was largely based on practicality, and desire to carry less weight around.

In terms of his musical journey, Jerry cut his teeth with local Watford band “Redhouse”, playing a mix of covers from the 60s to the current charts, including Beatles, Jam, Kinks, Rolling Stones, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, RHCP, Killers, Stereophonics, Arctic Monkeys and more.

Jerry joined the Fluffy Jackets in 2007 just after their first EP release and has been in the band since.

In terms of bass-playing inspirations, Jerry comments: “I don’t follow particular people and didn’t take much notice of who was in which band until more recently, so I don’t really have favourite players but, I am enjoying John Paul-Jones playing with Seasick Steve and QOTSA, Flea always gets a mention. Musically I listen to almost anything, although I have a natural preference towards songs featuring a good bass”.

On the new Fluffy Jackets debut album "Fighting Demons" (2014), Jerry Bessent can be heard playing bass on two covers which feature prominently in the Fluffy Jackets’ live set, namely Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup’s “Mean ol Frisco” and Woody Guthrie’s “Vigilante Man”. Jerry Bessent also appear on the 2019 album and documentary "Something from Nothing" (CD + DVD release).


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