The Fluffy Jackets - Award winning melodic blues rock


Nick Trepka, Engineer, Cowshed Studio

Nick Trepka is educated within music and has worked with music all his life.

He cut his teeth at the Fortress Studios in London where he worked on the Neve analog mixing desk (do yourself a favor and check out Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl movie about Sound City recording studio to learn more about the legendary Neve desk).

Nick is currently working as an engineer at the Cowshed studio in North London and has worked with a number of artists and bands in a wide variety of genres, including rock, hip hop, acoustic, funk, jazz -from the unknowns to some of the biggest names in the world, including Boy George, Madness, Mike Chapman and Suzy Quatro.

Nick Trepka’s philosophy is that the music should be just as important and exciting to the recordist as it is to the artist, and see the studio as the instrument that he plays in the band.

Nick feels that producing music is all about understanding a vision, identifying gaps - whether musical or personal - and knowing how to fill them, and making a team work as well as it possibly can.

Nick Trepka worked as the engineer on 3 tracks on the debut album released in 2014 - namely “Fighting Demons”, “Little Brother Smile” and “Stop the Rain” – featuring band members Neil Murray (ex Whitesnake), drummer Nick Rhodes and Helge Rognstad (guitars and vocals).


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