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Tim Turan, Mastering Engineer, Turan Audio Ltd

Tim Turan has been a gigging and recording musician since 1974 and was signed to EMI in 1979 with The Carthieves.

Tim spent 15 years working in studios recording, engineering and producing. His pursuit of sonic perfection led him to expand into the world of mastering when sticky tape and razor blades were the tools of the trade. Since that time he has cut thousands of records in hundreds of genres. Tim's technical expertise has led to lecturing at university level, presenting workshops and frequent audio troubleshooting.

Tim is widely regarded and his mastering credits are of legend. Credits include the entire Nazareth back-catalog, all the Slade albums, the Frank Zappa albums, the Status Quo albums, Suzi Quatro, Radiohead, Stornoway, Madness, Aerosmith, Osmonds, Hawkwind, Motorhead, Marilyn Manson, Bruce Springsteen, Deep Purple, Girlschool, Megadeath, Michael Schenker, Mott the Hoople, Mr Big, Ramones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rose Tattoo, Thin Lizzy, Tom Petty, U.F.O, Van Halen and Whitesnake to mention a very few.... he has done thousands... far too many to mention.

We spent one day with Tim in his studio mastering the Fluffy Jackets' Fighting Demons album (2014). The album was mastered in two stages -first analog (using Avalon and Manley mastering decks) & then digital. It was great to spend some time with him, browsing through the wast record collection, and listen to his many stories, including recording at Olympic studios with his current band Easy Tiger. When I asked him what music he likes best he answered "Music is like food to me, and as long as the indigrents are good, and as long as its well cooked, I enjoy it".

Tim Turan also mastered tracks and the documentary film audio for the follow-up album "Something from Nothing" (2019).

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