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Original Fluffy Jackets DrummerIan Robinson: drums

Ian Robinson is an original Fluffy Jackets band member, having met Helge in 2004 whilst they were both playing in a band called "Random" in Kingston Upon Thames. The pair broke out to form The Fluffy Jackets in early 2006.

“I started drumming at age of nine on a friends kit and played on and off since then in several bands, either on drums or keyboards", says Ian Robinson. "The early practice sessions with The Fluffy Jackets were mostly spent jamming and bringing in riffs that I’ve heard over the years, from bands such as Babes in Toyland and The White Stripes."

Ian's distinctive drumming style first came to the attention of rock audiences through the self-titled Fluffy Jackets debut EP from 2007. The 3-track release also featured the legendary bass player Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath), and this particular rythm section proved to be exceptionally tight and free-flowing.

Ian Robinson is an accomplished writer of poems and lyrics, and contributed on the first full lenght album Fighting Demons (2014) with the lyrics to "Your Way". Ian also appears as a special guest on the Fluffy Jackets' follow-up documentary movie "Something from Nothing" (2019), where he talks about the formation of the band. He also reunited briefly with the original Fluffy band for a rendition of Johnny Cash's "Hey Porter" which also appears in the movie and as a digital bonus track (exclusively available on iTunes).

Not only that, but Ian is also credited for coming up with the band name "The Fluffy Jackets", although he maintains that the origins behind the name will remain a closely guarded secret.

Ian's music interests are both wide and varied. He lists Lori Barbero & Meg White as his main drumming inspirations.

Photo credit: James Cumpsty (2015).

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