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Photo Gallery

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"Best studio album of the year"
award winners The Fluffy Jackets
celebrating in London, Jan. 2015
L-R: Emil, Nick, Helge, Jerry & West

Fluffy Jackets' Fighting Demons won
"Best Studio Album of the Year"
award voted by the listeners of
The Blues Hour (UK and France)

Record Collector journalist Joe Geesin with "Evil Emil" and Helge at the 2015 Award Bash, London UK


Recording Fighting Demons album
at Sun Studio in Memphis TN

The Fluffy Jackets outside Sun Studio
(L-R): Neil Murray, Rob Hall, Helge R,
Manny Charlton

Manny Charlton, Rob Hall,
Helge Rognstad, Neil Murray


Neil Murray, a bass playing legend.

Manny Charlton, a guitar playing legend.

Helge outside Sun Studio.


Recording at Sun Studio


Neil Murray

Rob Hall (Jerry Lee Lewis Drummer)


Manny during rehearsals

Manny Charlton & Neil Murray during rehearsals

Harmonica legend
Steve "West" Weston


Neil and Helge at the Cowshed, London UK

Nick Rhodes (drums) with
Jerry Bessent (bass)

Nick & Neil


Jerry Bessent

Helge & Jerry

Guest vocal Emil Gammeltoft


The choir from Hell


Emil, Mally, Torbjorn and Georgios in Sweden


First EP release, 2007

Ian Robinson (drums), Helge and Neil Murray (bass)

Old gig poster


Like most rock stars,
The Fluffy Jackets have retired, and made a comeback...

The first Fluffy Jackets promo flyer

The Founding Fathers:
Helge Rognstad (guitars, vocals) with Ian Robinson (drums). Picture taken at the blues hour award celebrations in London UK 2015.

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