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Survival Studios closes

Survival Studios in Acton closes

Another blow to the London music scene as long-time studio closes
(Acton, West London, UK, 2018)

It is with sadness that The Fluffy Jackets have learned that Survival Studios in Acton are closing. The news was first posted on the Survival Studio Facebook page, before being reported by millhillmusiccomplex.co.uk. The closure represents yet another blow to the London music scene as the studio had been operational for the past 37 years.

The Fluffy Jackets used this studio for pre-production rehearsals for the upcoming 2019 album Something from Nothing and have fond memories of the place. The studio also features in the accompanying "making-of" documentary which will be released alongside the new album. A number of other UK bands have been rehearsing there, including The Darkness who used Survival Studios to rehearse the songs for their second album "One Way Ticket to Hell and Back" with Roy Thomas Baker as the producer.

Though the owner has not yet posted any reasons for the closure, it is clear that rehearsal spaces tend to be in low cost, industrial areas which are seen as prime sites by developers for redevelopment. Most studios who are renting space are therefore in constant danger of being kicked out by landlords who want to sell premises to commercial redevelopers with deep pockets. This problem is further being exacerbated by the fact that new neighbours in these redevelopment areas are complaining about noise levels from the studios, putting further pressure from local councils with little understanding of the music service these precious venues provide.

Whilst it is understandable that landlords want to sell up to earn money, it is very sad that recording studios keep shutting down all over the capital, specifically because the London Music scene is already chronically short of good studio space.

PS. The Fluffy Jackets would like to encourage everyone to please support the Save London Music Campaign to preserve the venues that make London the capital of the world music scene. Back changes in legislation to restrict the rights of new neighbours to make objections to noise and disturbance from established venues, and protect valuable sites such as pubs, clubs and music studios from commercial developers.

PPS. Thankfully, Unit 2 Studio in Acton is still operational at the time of writing. The Fluffy Jackets used Unit 2 to record music videos which also appear on the documentary film.

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