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The Fluffy Jackets feat. Manny Charlton - Something from Nothing
    The Fluffy Jackets are back (Press Release)
Something from Nothing is the 2019 album from The Fluffy Jackets. The album release includes a documentary highlighing the band history along with interviews, live performances and four new music videos.
    The Fluffy Jackets talks about their formation
The first episode of the Something from Nothing documentary features a retrospective interview with the original Fluffy Jackets line-up.
    Hey Porter (music video)
Something from Nothing (2019) includes four new music videos, including a cover of Johnny Cash's "Hey Porter" featuring the original Fluffy Jackets band.
    The two first releases
Manny Charlton (NAZARETH) and Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE) look back on recording Fighting Demons (2014) at the legendary Sun Studio with Grammy winner Matt Ross-Spang.
    Premiere: the making of...
Unique studio footage reveals the making of The Fluffy Jackets' new album with Manny Charlton (NAZARETH) at his Madmento Studio in Cordoba, Spain.

"Everything Must Change" (music video)
The Fluffy Jackets feat. Manny Charlton has launched their new single "Everything must change" - the first music video from the studio album.

    The story of Manny's Dobro
Producer Manny Charlton talks about his Dobro guitar used on "Vicky" on NAZARETH's Close Enough for Rock'N'Roll album.
    "Give Me Something" (music video)
Watch The Fluffy Jackets' video premiere of “Give Me Something”, a new single from the upcoming Digipack (DVD+CD) release Something from Nothing.
    Studio equipment used to record new album
Guitarist and producer Manny Charlton (NAZARETH) shows some of the equipment used to record Something from Nothing (2019).
    Manny Charlton's guitar rig
Manny Charlton knows a thing or two about playing the guitar. He has done so for over 60 years. Incredibly, nobody has asked him about his guitars before - until now.
    Manny Charlton: guitar effect pedals
Manny Charlton presents some of his favourite guitar effects.
    The Fluffy Jackets' Rig Rundown
In the new documentary Something from Nothing fans get a behind-the-scenes look at the Fluffy Jackets' guitar rig.
    A famous Gibson Flying V guitar
This Gibson Flying V guitar was used on several Nazareth albums, tours and TV specials in the 1970s. It also appears on the latest Fluffy Jackets' release.
    The Fluffy Jackets' pedal show
In the new documentary Something from Nothing fans get a behind-the-scenes look at the Fluffy Jackets' pedals and amplifiers.

Interview: Manny Charlton (NAZARETH), pt. 1
Manny Charlton reminisces about his hometown, how he learned to play guitar and how he ended up with the Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty guitar which he became synonymous with in the NAZARETH heyday.


Interview: Manny Charlton (NAZARETH), pt. 2
Manny Charlton reveals his approach to producing new bands, writing songs and playing in a three-piece band.


Neil Murray: "The way I play stays with me whatever which bass I use"
Bassist Neil Murray talks about his approach to playing bass live and in the studio, and how he joined Whitesnake.


Guitar talk: Strat, Tele & Les Paul
Manny Charlton on the Stratocaster, Telecaster and the Les Paul guitars.


Alison Cooper's tribute to Glen Campbell
UK-based vocalist Alison Cooper joined The Fluffy Jackets for a tribute to Glen Campbell.

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